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Improve your property with new curbs and gutters

Increase the safety and security of walkways and parking lots with high-quality, expertly made concrete curbs and gutters from Awai & Sons Concrete of Hilo, HI. Call us today at

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Depending on your location, you may be responsible for maintaining the curbs on your property.


Damaged curbs can be safety hazards for pedestrians, and also make way for additional damage to paved surfaces.


Contact us today to discuss your new curbs.

Keep your concrete up to code

• Well-crafted concrete curbs add attractiveness to your


• Curbs strengthen surrounding paved surfaces

• Improved visibility of road edges for drivers

• Keep cars, trucks, and snow plows from damaging your


Enjoy the benefits of fresh concrete

Call Doug for curbs and gutters today:


Get professionally made concrete curbs, gutters, and parking curbs for your commercial or residential property today!